坦然 (tǎnrán) is a Chinese word. 坦然 means ”calm; unperturbed; with no misgivnings”.

谭然 (Tán Rán) is Ran Tan´s name in Chinese. Ran is open-minded. Understand the essential. Reflect and improve. See and share the beauty, feel and share the good.

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What's the best we can give to ourselves? Opportunities.

What's the best we can give to others? Opportunities.

If you also dream of a private island for one week, to work on a creative project of your choice, you can search ”Ideas island”.

I hope you also like simple and clear thinking. I heartly appreciate your support to me.

When I greet my friends’ birthday, I wish them Happy Everyday.

Here I wish You Good Health and Happy Everyday! 🙂