Be Stronger

Some simple exercises can help our physical immune system be stronger.

Zhonglibaren (中里巴人 Zhōnglǐ bā rén) creats a bridge between TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and common people. In his book ”求医不如求己 (Help yourself instead of asking doctors for help)” he shares simple exercises that can strengthen our immune system. With a strong immune system, we will not easily get sick, and when we get sick we will quickly recover.

I believe, I try, and I get results.

Stand on one leg and close your eyes. Try one minute at the beginning, then several minutes if you can. This simple exercise treats high blood pressure and diabetes effectively, also treats cerebellar atrophy. It prevents gout and many other diseases. This exercise also helps you who often have cold feet or hands.

Go on your knees on a soft surface. If it hurts, you can start by sitting on your knees. If you want to reduce fat on thighs, you need to practice 20 minutes per day in 3 weeks.

Massage your belly. First from the mid-chest to the lower belly, then from the sides to the belly, 3 to 5 minutes per day.

Inspiration from ”how-the-rich-live-longer” (on is Eat slowly and Keep on doing effective exercises & massages. 🙂

Relax the body, ease the mind, close the eyes, open the mind, be simple, be kind, be strong and young.

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”Ran was my personal health and well-being advisor for several years. She taught me to take better care of my body and soul with various unconventional exercises and advice. As a result, I generally felt much better, and specifically, I lost weight, started exercising, ended with unhealthy habits and became much happier. Spending time with Ran means that with much joy and positivity you get more energy for everyday life. I highly recommend her for your personal well-being. ” – Lunch walk friend Gunter.