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My name is Ran Tan. I’d like to help you in learning Chinese/Mandarin. 🙂

Chinese is logical and much easier than most people think. With current technology you can almost learn a new language on your own, what I help with is the most important part of Chinese. Simply and joyfully, you get correct pronunciation and flow in Chinese (characters, words, phrases and sentences), use your newly acquired knowledge and build a solid foundation for further study on your own. I wish I had such a teacher when I began learning English, Swedish and Spanish.

B.Sc in applied mathematics from Fudan University in Shanghai. Worked as developer and tester. See the whole picture without missing details. Agree with Einstein’s ”Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”

If you learn 6 characters, you can express 20 English words (29 Swedish words) in Chinese. With current technology you can write Chinese characters incredibly easily. You write ”wo” (pronunciation of I/me) then 我 appears with some other characters, you choose the right character instead of handwriting it. When you learnt that 我 is pronounced ”wo” and 们 is pronounced ”men”, and you write ”wm”, then 我们 appears. Please try it on Google translate.

我 = I, me, 你 = you, 他 = he, him, 她 = she, her, 们 = plural, 的 = possessive particle

我们 = we, us, 你们 = you (pl.), 他们 = they, them, 她们 = they, them (f.)

我的 = my, mine, 你的 = your, yours, 他的 = his, 她的 = her, hers

我们的 = our, ours, 你们的 = your, yours (pl.), 他们的 = their, theirs, 她们的 = their, theirs (f.)

Pleco is probably the best Chinese dictionary. In addition to explaining characters and words, it also provides pronunciation, how to write characters, even examples of phrases.

Are you going to learn Chinese now or soon? Maybe even more fun if a friend also begin to learn Chinese?

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We highly recommend Tan Ran as a language tutor in Chinese. She is a very supportive teacher and her lessons are well-prepared. Tan Ran speaks fluent Swedish and understands what our particular difficulties are with grammar and pronunciation. Step by step she challenges us to improve on our pronunciation and patiently explains difficult concepts. She is also very flexible and accommodating with her time and we have recently had very successful online meetings. Tan Ran’s lessons are effective, engaging and fun! ” Ingegerd Andrén, Ylva Skåner, Ingemar Folke, Gunilla Anderberg

I suggest you begin by finding a pinyin-chart and listen a lot, also watch videos that teach pinyin and Chinese pronounciation.

I think chineseclass101 is good for self-study.

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